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Slayaway Camp X is the tenth movie in Slayaway Camp.


Level 01: Teleporter Torcher[]

Hint: "You'll have to scare both those victims into a fire!"

Level 02: Teleportation Agitation[]

Hint: "Teleporters won't stop your momentum! Try approaching them from different directions."

Level 03: Space Experiment #13b[]

Hint: "They don't all need to be electrocuted!"

Level 04: Dumblight Minecat Frexit[]

Hint: "It looks like you'll only need to set off one mine this time... The one on the bottom right should do!"

Level 05: Space Station Slay[]

Hint: "Looks like you'll need to put three victims through that yellow teleporter before you kill them..."

Level 06: Reservoir Slobs[]

Hint: "Go for the least protected swatcop first!"

Level 07: Still Alive[]

Hint: "If you scare a victim into the top-right corner, you may be able to get to the exit sooner!"

Level 08: Illusion of Safety[]

Hint: "Don't go straight for the kill"

Level 09: Co-operative Testing Initiative[]

Hint: "You won't be able to flick off that light at first... But use those teleporters and someone else can do it for you!"

Level 10: Teleport Phone Countdown[]

Hint: "If you scare a victim into the top-right corner, you may be able to get to the exit sooner!"

Level 11: Space Kitchen Slam[]

Hint: "Those 3 mines near the bottom have got to go!"

Level 12: Beam Me Up[]

Hint: "The victim in the top right should be the last to die!"

Level 13: Engine Room Rampage[]

Hint: "You'll need to kill both those swatcops for sure, but be careful who else you kill along the way!"

Deleted scenes[]

A Maze In Space[]

Hint: "Find some way to use that kitty to your advantage!"

Transport Protocol[]

Hint: "The fire may not actually help you. Try to block it!"

Generator Gymnastics[]

Hint: "You'll need to ring every phone at least once. Sometimes twice!"

As Hard As It Looks[]

Hint: "You'll need one of the victims to help you reach the portal." Trivia this movie is based on Jason x skull face 3000 is based on Uber jason and both are in space