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Slayaway Camp 8 is the ninth movie in Slayaway Camp.


Level 01: Gummed Up[]

Hint: "Sticky gum wads will stop you in your tracks! Use them to your advantage."

Level 02: Stopped in His Tracks[]

Hint: "No one is safe from the sticky stopping power of gum wads!"

Level 03: Graveyard Shift[]

Hint: "You can flip the same switches repeatedly!"

Level 04: Cafeteria Cleanup[]

Hint: "You can use those electric fences for murder! (With some help from your friends...)"

Level 05: The long way 'round[]

Hint: "Try scaring the oranged haired victim to the right first."

Level 06: Hubba Trubba[]

Hint: "Can you scare those victims across the gum wads without killing them?"

Level 07: Central Park Panic[]

Hint: "Sometimes it's best to leave someone behind and come back for them later..."

Level 08: shop till they drop[]

Hint: "Try not to scare anyone into the cat!"

Level 09: Arcade Anxiety[]

Hint: "Turning off the lightswitch on the left should be your first priority!"

Level 10: Bus Stop Barrage[]

Hint: "Scare the cat out of the way before you do anything else!"

Level 11: Ferry Terminal Filet[]

Hint: "You'll need the lightswitch... Just not right away!"

Level 12: Apartment Complex[]

Hint: "Answering a phone in the dark might be safer."

Level 13: Apartment Complexerer[]

Hint: "Scare the cat into its cage before you ring that bottom phone!"

Deleted scenes[]


Hint: "Turning the lights off won't help you!"

Treat Sweeper[]

Hint: "You'll need one of the victims to help you reach the portal."

Porta-Potty Mouth[]

Hint: "Careful not to smash any workers with a port-a-potty!"