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Slayaway Camp 7 is the eighth movie in Slayaway Camp.


Level 01: the worst office ever[]

Hint: "Those walls have been electrified! Try not to touch them!"

Level 02: circuit breaker[]

Hint: "Flip that switch!"

Level 03: office security[]

Hint: "Scare someone away? Use the phone to bring them back!"

Level 04: copy room calamity[]

Hint: "Don't turn off the light until you've set up your kill!"

Level 05: Administration Assassination[]

Hint: "It might help if you scare him first!"

Level 06: Involuntary Liquidation[]

Hint: "That filing cabinet is pretty tippy! Try not to knock it over, okay?"

Level 07: the hr department[]

Hint: "Make sure you kill that dumb cop last!"

Level 08: Executive Execution[]

Hint: "Electric fences won't block a victim's sight! Use one to scare somebody!"

Level 09: Professional Misconduct[]

Hint: "You can't dial the phone from behind a short wall! Find a way around."

Level 10: Corporate Takedown[]

Hint: "You'll need some help from the two up top! Scare them downwards!"

Level 12: Supervisor Slaughter[]

Hint: "Go straight for the kill!"

Level 13: Corporate Fat Cats[]

Hint: "Turn off that light ASAP! You don't want to scare the kitties into something dangerous!"

Level 14: Cabinet Crunch[]

Hint: "Be careful about knocking those file cabinets over. You might need them first!"

Level 15: Maximum Security[]

Hint: "You know what I love doing? Flicking lightswitches! On, off, on, off, on, off..."

Deleted scenes[]

Swat cop Spiral[]

Hint: "I'm pretty sure cats hate phones. And also crushed people."

Call Centre Claustrophobia[]

Hint: "You better employ some crafty scare tactics if you want to reach that red phone in the middle!"

Customer Service[]

Hint: "You're gonna need to lure that swat-cop out somehow.."