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Slayaway Camp 6 is the seventh movie in Slayaway Camp.


Level 01: lights out[]

Hint: "flip the breaker to strike in the darkness."

Level 02: swat stealth slash[]

Hint: "Man I hate those swat guys... So much! Why don't you try sneaking up on 'em in the dark?"

Level 03: fatality ward[]

Hint: "Let the fridge do some of the work for you"

Level 04: Kitty Care[]

Hint: "Cats can see in the dark, you know! You just can't avoid scaring them sometimes."

Level 05: a phone in the dark[]

Hint: "The sound of a ringing phone can still be heard in the dark..."

Level 06: visiting hours[]

Hint: "You'll have to lure that cop away"

Level 07: no escape[]

Hint: "Man, I hate spooking cats. But I think this time you've got to... But maybe just one? Leave the other alone, will ya?"

Level 08: the burn ward[]

Hint: "Block the flashlight so you can reach the switch"

Level 09: pre-op peril[]

Hint: "Use the phone to lure the swat cop away!"

Level 10: Dumb cops In The Dark[]

Hint: "Hitting lightswitches will save you time in the long run."

Level 11: the operating doom[]

Hint: "That one victim on the right looks like a scaredy cat... Let's spook 'em! And then spook 'em again and again!"

Level 12: light vs. dark[]

Hint: "When you turn that lightswitch off, make sure you turn it right back on again!"

Level 13: Life Support[]

Hint: "Flicking the light will probably be the last thing you do."

Deleted scenes[]

fractured instinct[]

Hint: "Those victims are so funny when you scare 'em, squealing and flailing... I bet they'd turn on a switch if they ran into one!"


Hint: "Jeez, how many times do we gotta flick the lightswitch? On, off, on, off, on off..."

surgical stealth[]

Hint: "The dumb cop on the left should be the first to die!"

Storage Room Squishes[]

Hint: "The cabinet on the left is the only one you'll need to knock over."