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Slayaway Camp 5 is the sixth movie in Slayaway Camp.


Level 01: SWAT Cop Beach[]

Hint: "These cops look pretty well geared...I bet they'd shoot you in the face if you let 'em!"

Level 02: sandy SWAT sneak[]

Hint: "These guys aren't as slow and dumb as their buddies... Maybe just avoid touching them, yeah?"

Level 03: bloodbath beach[]

Hint: "Make sure to block the exit" HINT: (MAKE SURE U DONT SLEEP AFTER THIS)

Level 04: sinkhole of doom[]

Hint: "Sometimes its best not to drown them"

Level 05: boom beach[]

Hint: "Don't blow up all the mines"

Level 06: sand castle scarin'[]

Hint: "Keep them away from the exits"

Level 07: deja vu[]

Hint: "Sometimes I just feel like we're going around in circles... Around and around... Back and forth..."

Level 08: rearranger dangers[]

Hint: "You'll need to do some rearranging. Careful of that exit!"

Level 09: cop call confusion[]

Hint: "Wouldn't it be funny if people just kept answering the same phone over and over again..!"

Level 10: nighttime on fridge beach[]

Hint: "Do it! Go straight for the kill..."

Level 11: cabana carnage[]

Hint: "Use the land mine to create a chain reaction."

Level 12: sandy sophomore sacrifices[]

Hint: "You'll need to use the victims to clear the path for you."

Level 13: sharks and lasers[]

Hint: "You won't be able to kill them with your bare hands!"

Deleted scenes[]

escape routes[]

Hint: "Get the cat to safety first!"

my summer crush[]

Hint: "Oh man! I want to squish that cop with that outhouse so bad! Is there any way we can do that?"

Island of Terror[]

Hint: "I'd like to see you murder three victims at once!"

Stinky Sands Beach[]

Hint: "Setting up your victims is key to reaching the exit!"

Me 'n' My Peeps[]

Hint: "All the outhouses should be pushed to the left at some point!"