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Slayaway Camp 4 is the fifth movie in Slayaway Camp.


Level 01: short walls[]

Hint: "Haha those walls are so short! Your victims are gonna be spooked if you come up beside 'em!"

Level 02: antagonizing the enemy[]

Hint: "Little short walls are great! You could use them to scare victims into stuff! (KABOOM!)"

Level 03: locker room rampage[]

Hint: "Some cats are spooked by loud noises - like phones! Make sure to protect kittums before you call..."

Level 04: cafeteria calamity[]

Hint: "These people can clear the path for you!"

Level 05: principal's office[]

Hint: "You have to dispatch these ones in the right order"

Level 06: sneaky science lab slasher[]

Hint: "Block the doorway!"

Level 07: changeroom challenge[]

Hint: "Don't take the bait!"

Level 08: gym shorts[]

Hint: "That victim on the left looks pretty timid... What can you do to keep him from running?"

Level 09: bomb disposal protocol[]

Hint: "You'll need to scare that guy into the mine... But first you should scare his friends!"

Level 10: bathroom flood[]

Hint: "Oh no! A kittums! You might have to spook him but it's for the best, isn't it?"

Level 11: wood shop wipeout[]

Hint: "Use one victim to reach another"

Level 12: Metalshop Mortalities[]

Hint: "That dude can see you through the glass! Try using his friends to get to him."

Deleted scenes[]

Fine Art Fatalities[]

Hint: "Knocking over that cabinet should be your priority"

pool party[]

Hint: "Bundle them up nice and close"

one mine at a time[]

Hint: "It looks like the mine on the left is the only mine you'll need!"

Phone in Box[]

Hint: "Answering a phone in the dark mgiht be safer."

Library Lacerations[]

Hint: "You'll need to cover all those holes..."