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Slayaway Camp 3 is the fourth movie in Slayaway Camp.


Level 01: the abusement park[]

Hint: "The mines will do all the work for you!"

Level 02: Landmine Maneuvering[]

Hint: "Don't blow up all the victims!"

Level 03: sweet child o mine[]

Hint: "Chase this pathetic victim into a mine!"

Level 04: red room of death[]

Hint: "That cop on the left looks pretty dim... If someone was standing in front of him, could you sneak by?"

Level 05: mine his business[]

Hint: "You could blow up that cop with a mine... But wouldn't clearing a path for him be nicer?"

Level 06: laceration labyrinth[]

Hint: "You need to reposition one of the victims a bit"

Level 07: mine their (phone) manners[]

Hint: "Hey there's a mine in your way... You know what gets rid of mines? Victims!"

Level 08: mine manipulation[]

Hint: "I wanna call that cop! I bet he has a funny voice. Clear those mines out for me first, okay?"

Level 09: feline funhouse[]

Hint: "Those cats will run from you! Make sure they don't get scared into a fire or something!"

Level 10: kitten corral[]

Hint: "Maybe you should help those cats back into their little kitty crates first?"

Level 11: Mimin' Murder[]

Hint: "He's so close... Too bad you gotta go ALL THE WAY AROUND!"

Level 12: who called the cops?![]

Hint: "You need to dispatch your victims in the right order"

Level 13: crispy whiskers[]

Hint: "Tread lightly around the kitty"

Level 14: bridge over troubled water[]

Hint: "One of the cops has to be lured into the water"

Level 15: dry whiskers[]

Hint: "Position the cats next to each other"

Level 16: Crazy Coaster[]

Hint: "Remember victims can knock over bookcases too!"

Deleted scenes[]

poe's puzzle[]

Hint: "this graveyard looks familiar... legendary, almost! the key to solving it probably lies in one of those graves."

meow maze[]

Hint: "Order matters!"

amusement dark[]

Hint: "The direction in which you topple fridges can be very important"

the lone flame[]

Hint: "Burning people is pretty great. But have you considered not burning people?"


Hint: "I think that victim in the corner is hiding something..."