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Slayaway Camp 2 is the second movie in Slayaway Camp.


Level 01: a really dumb cop...[]

Hint: "Hey, that cop looks pretty slow... Maybe if you snuck around his side..."

Level 02: danger lake[]

Hint: "Scare those punks into the lake!"

Special cutscene: After the girl fell into the lake, she screamed for help but nobody hears her, and she drowned.

Level 03: right to remain deadly[]

Hint: "the key to success is to not go toe to toe with a dumb cop!"

Level 04: triple truncheon[]

Hint: "Try to sneak up on the cop from behind. Don't stop in front of them!"

Level 05: Trypophobia[]

Hint: "Sometimes it's best not to kill victims right away... You might need them later!"

Level 06: crime scene scream[]

Hint: "Move to the far left..."

Level 07: kabin krush[]

Hint: "Just bump into the bookshelves... squish!"

Level 08: Forest Frenzy[]

Hint: "Sometimes going the long way around is actually the shortest."

Level 09: Bookcase Blues[]

Hint: "Squish the victim on the right to reveal a new path."

Level 10: Hotsprings Havoc[]

Hint: "Maybe there's a way to kill 'em all at once!?"

Level 11: Swimming Hole Horrors[]

Hint: "You'll want to knock over that outhouse for sure... But don't squish anybody!"

Level 12: triple slash[]

Hint: "There's truly no need for incineration."

Level 13: please... make it stop...[]

Hint: "I'd say to turn off your sound, but then you wont hear his screams when you finally put him out of his misery."

Deleted Scenes[]

back yard of death[]

Hint: "Use one of those victims to hide from the cop."

ritual gone wrong[]

Hint: "Victims can also be stepping stones..."

kill and escape[]

Hint: "If you could just get into the right spot... Then it would become a murder fest!"

Countin' Cops[]

Hint: "The victim on the right looks like a scaredy cat to me!"

Inside Out[]

Hint: "Don't go straight for the middle! Kill 'em from the outside in!"