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Slayaway Camp 2.5 is the third movie in Slayaway Camp.


Level 01: phone call of duty[]

Hint: "That cop is pretty lazy... But I bet\n even he can't resist a ringing phone!"

Level 02: playmaker[]

Hint: "Try to get them to run around a little first!"

Level 03: phone call curiosity[]

Hint: "Who can resist the allure of a ringing phone?"

Level 04: bookcase blockade[]

Hint: "Bookcases are good for more than just squishing, you know!"

Level 05: feelin' outdoorsy[]

Hint: "You'll need to do some repositioning to reach the exit"

Level 06: dialing dispatch distractions[]

Hint: "What's with victims these days?\nAlways running to the phone..."

Level 07: scarin' and slayin'[]

Hint: "You'll have to reposition them"

Level 08: pantry panic[]

Hint: "Squash the cops first"

Level 09: prank calls[]

Hint: "Sometimes, you just need to ring a phone \n<#CC0000>once<#FFFFFF> before you <#CC0000>murder everyone."

Level 10: water, water everywhere[]

Hint: "Place the victims next to each other"

Level 11: split personality[]

Hint: "Block the fire with a fridge."

Level 12: careful calling[]

Hint: "You can't just murder everyone all willy nilly.\nYou might need them for something later!"

Level 13: a flaming felony[]

Hint: "Don't scare anyone into the fire! You'll need to murder these victims with your hands."

Level 14: living room lacerations[]

Hint: "There's a special someone you should save for last"

Level 15: chippin' dale[]

Hint: "Scare the blonde into the top right corner! She's the key to victory."

Deleted Scenes[]

squish and scorch[]

Hint: "Make sure to plan ahead"


Hint: "I heard it's bad luck to knock over a bookshelf. Try to avoid it!"

ringing rampage[]

Hint: "Don't kill that victim right away!\nI think you need his help..."

domino effect[]

Hint: "Clear a path so the victim has space to flee"

faulty floorboards[]

Hint: "I bet you can get behind both those cops and kill 'em first!"