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Level 1: last day of summer[]

Hint: "Try bumping into that smart mouthed victim!"

Level 2: camp safety[]

Hint: "Looks like you'll just keep sliding until you hit something?"

Level 3: welcome to camp[]

Hint: "remember: you'll keep sliding until you bump into something."

Level 4: see how they run![]

Hint: "Chase down the one on the right first!"

Level 5: fear in the woods[]

Hint: "Victims run when they see a corpse beside them!"

Level 6: sequential slice[]

Hint: "Sometimes the order is important!"

Level 7: el fuego de la muerte[]

Hint: "use some strategic scare tactics"

Level 8: tiki trickery[]

Hint: "Getting trapped? Perhaps there's an alternate route."

Level 9: incoming![]

Hint: "sometimes the answer is right in front of you & just takes a little follow-through."

Deleted scenes[]

a hole...[]

Hint: "Let his fear lead you to success."

too many holes[]

Hint: "Remember to try coming at it from a whole new direction."

here come the swat![]

Hint: "There's one victim you must save for last"

roundabout ruin[]

Hint: "Those victims are hard to reach... Convince their friends to help you out!"

Digging Holes[]

Hint: "Scare victims around the map to avoid falling into a spiky pit of death!"

Tripping Up[]

Hint: "Be careful! If you scare a victim down a hole, you won't be able to use them later."