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Slayaway Camp: Hell Camp is the third DLC movie in Slayaway Camp.


Level 01: dmv downtime[]

Hint: "Make sure to kill the victim on the left first!"

Level 02: passion purgatory[]

Hint: "Scare the bachelor on the left! And then scare him again!"

Level 03: will power wounds[]

Hint: "Scare the two boys into the mines to make a path to the exit!"

Level 04: consumerism carnage[]

Hint: "Try herding the cats towards the right before you kill the old lady!"

Level 05: office temper[]

Hint: "Don't kill the girl right away. Scare her upwards as far as you can! "

Level 06: dissention detention[]

Hint: "The jock should be the first to die... But don't squish him with the bookshelf!"

Level 07: rampage retrospection[]

Hint: "I bet you can use the phone to scare that cat into a lightswitch!"

Level 08: tax fraud fatality[]

Hint: "Don't kill the victim at the top right away. Scare him to the right and use him to your advantage!"

Level 09: tree house treachery[]

Hint: "Kill that dumb cop on the left as soon as you can!"

Level 10: all of the angst[]

Hint: "Scare the girl upwards so you can put an end to that horrible singing!"

Deleted scenes[]

the holy land[]

Hint: "Cause a chain reaction and kill all 4 victims at once!"

the final countdown[]

Hint: "Go the long way around and kill the middle victim from above!"

knockin' on heaven's door[]

Hint: "Scare the middle victim from above right away! But be careful who you scare next..."