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Santa's Slay is the first DLC movie in Slayaway Camp.


Level 01: Santa's Workshop[]

Hint: "You should scare the elf on the left into the mine on the right! But make sure there's someone nearby first..."

Level 02: Merry Deathmas[]

Hint: "The victim hiding behind the dumb cop looks timid... Scare her!"

Level 03: shopping centre scare[]

Hint: "Scare the victim in the Santa outfit upwards first!"

Level 04: queue killer[]

Hint: "Scare the elf into the directory board before you knock it over!"

Level 05: skating rink splash[]

Hint: "The victim in the santa outfit will run away when you drown his friends! You should do that... (twice!)"

Level 06: frozen flee[]

Hint: "Knock over the outhouse on the right first... You don't want to scare anyone into the water!"

Level 07: frosty feculence[]

Hint: "I bet you could drown someone if you knock over the right outhouse..!"

Level 08: mall cop manslaughter[]

Hint: "You'll want to kill the dumb cop on the left as soon as possible..."

Level 09: discount damager[]

Hint: "Scare the elf into the mine on the left before you do anything else!"

Level 10: fountain of fatality[]

Hint: "Knock over the directory board on the left right away... But leave the other one alone!"

Level 11: directory downfall[]

Hint: "You should knock that directory board over from above... But not right away!"

Level 12: outdoorsy obliterations[]

Hint: "Scare the elf upwards first... You'll need him later!"

Level 13: bonhomme blockade[]

Hint: "You'll need to knock over the outhouse on the left by yourself... But the second one is someone else's problem!"

Deleted scenes[]

Caroling Catastrophe[]

Hint: "Blow up the mine so you can take out that dumb cop!"

hedge maze horror[]

Hint: "You'll need to scare the victim in the Santa outfit upwards, and the one in the Elf suit down!"

frosty forest financial fillet[]

Hint: "The victim in the santa suit can protect you from the dumb cop after you ring the phone on the left..."

santa's scare[]

Hint: "Scare the Santa to the left... And then back to the right!"