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My Gory Valentine is the second DLC movie in Slayaway Camp.


Level 01: Entrance to the Mine[]

Hint: "Use the short walls to scare you victims towards the portal!"

Level 02: Dig Dug Damager[]

Hint: "If you could just scare that miner one step to the left, I think it would help you out!"

Level 03: A Hard Day's Work[]

Hint: "The victim on the bottom-right should be scared to the left!"

Level 04: Cave Cornered[]

Hint: "Kill the two on top first"

Level 05: Cardiac Comminution[]

Hint: "First you should scare the victim on the left into the mine!"

Level 06: Pneumoconiosis Pickup[]

Hint: "The victim on the right can help you escape after you blow up that mine..."

Level 07: Dirty Destructor[]

Hint: "The victim on the bottom-right can help you get to where you need to go."

Level 08: Coal Mine Confusion[]

Hint: "The top-right victim should be scared into the mine as soon as possible!"

Level 09: Pit Kitties[]

Hint: "Don't scare the victim at the bottom into the hole! Use the cats to block her path!"

Level 10: Tipple Tunnel Telephony[]

Hint: "The cat on the left should be scared upwards in order to prevent unwanted explosions."

Level 11: Detonation Dilemma[]

Hint: "You'll need to blow up the mine on the left if you want to escape!"

Level 12: Slickenside Security[]

Hint: "You'll need to kill that victim in the very middle from above!"

Level 13: Core Sample Climax[]

Hint: "The victim on the left needs to move one step closer to the left..."

Deleted scenes[]

Small Town Storm[]

Hint: "The victim on the left needs to be moved to the bottom-right!"


Hint: "Hit the red phone at the top-left as soon as you can!"

Puddle Paul[]

Hint: "Make sure to knock that coal cart over first."

Lonely Lucy[]

Hint: "Just because you scare them once doesn't mean you have to follow through."

Laundromat Loathing[]

Hint: "The dumb cop on the left should be taken out from above... and quickly!"