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The Mystery Box, awaiting coins to unlock a new killer.

Killers are unlockable killers that can be used in levels in place of the default killers. The difference between killers is purely cosmetic.

Some killers can be unlocked by beginning the movie they star in, and the rest can be unlocked by paying 1000 Skullcoin.png Skull Coins to the mystery box or by entering their Killer Kode through the options menu.

List of killers[]

Killer Description Unlock method Origin
Alien Beast On a quest to repopulate its species, it seeks incubators, human incubators. Mystery Box Xenomorph from Alien franchise
Angry Molesting Tree The root of all evil, more bite than bark. Killer Kode: woodguardian Evil Dead, Angry Molesting Trees from Cabin in the Woods
Anxious Substitute The only ones 'hot for teacher'... are the ones she started on fire. Begin Slayaway Camp 4
Batprince The most dapper killer in all the land. Killer Kode: nananananananana YouTuber Batprince
Blob Her horrifying ooze will devour all who stand in her way. Mystery Box B.O.B. from Monsters vs Aliens
Bob A demonic being dressed entirely in denim that is capable of posessing his victims and feeding on their pain. Mystery Box Twin Peaks
Bucky Doll He'll be your friend 'till the end. Mystery Box Chucky
Cadence Back from the Crypt of the Necrodancer, she'll slay victims with impeccable rhythm and style. Mystery Box Cadence from Crypt of the Necrodancer
Creepy Little Girl Don't let her creepyness fool you! She's not so ba.... Ah who are we kidding, she's super creepy. Mystery Box Sadako Yamamura from The Ring
D20 Skullface He's a 12th level Fighter with 18(00) Strength, immune to Magic Missiles. He's going to get Early Renaissance on your ass. Mystery Box
Demi Lich Ready to suck on some souls. Killer Kode: lichee Demilich from Dungeons & Dragons
Demogorgon Here to turn your world upside down. Not even a wrist rocket will stop him. Killer Kode: awristrocket Stranger Things
Derek Mears LA Based Professional Actor, Stuntman, Improv Comedian & BBQ Enthusiast. Mystery Box Derek Mears, Jason's actor in the reboot of Friday the 13th
Downsizer Yea... he's going to need you to come in on Saturday... OR YOU'LL GET THE AXE! Begin Slayaway Camp 7
Evil Clown You'll laugh hysterically all the way to your grave. Begin Slayaway Camp 3
Evil Kung Fu Panda Lightning fast reflexes and a taste for blood. Camper blood. Chinese Version and Killer Kode: ska-doosh Kung Fu Panda
Feaster Bunny Born from the dark... Oh, he's ready to feast on his victims... HEAD FIRST! Mystery Box Easter Bunny / Frank
Flaming Skullface Nothing says 'I'm pure evil' like having a head that is eternally engulfed in flames. Supernatural Forces DLC Ghost Rider
Frankie Possessed by the ghosts of the victims it has killed, this pizza restaurant's animatronic moose is out for blood. Killer Kode: scooper Five Nights at Freddy's
Frederick Whatever you do... just don't fall asleep. Mystery Box Freddy Krueger
Gelatinous Cube A perfect ten feet on each side, it secretes an anesthetizing slime and engulfs victims whole. Killer Kode: gygax Gelatinous cube from Dungeons & Dragons
Gremling Whatever you do, don't feed her after midnight... wait.. isn't any time of day after midnight? Santa's Slay DLC Gremlins
Groundhog If he see's his shadow, it'll be time to die, over and over and over again. Killer Kode: gotyoubabe Groundhog Day
Hacksaw He wants to find someone willing to accompany him in the enjoyment of a game. Mystery Box Billy the Puppet / Jigsaw
Holy Skullface He’s mommy’s little angel.. of death! Begin Slayaway Camp: Hell Camp
HotDog Because nothing kills quite like the gastrointestinal destruction caused by a bad New York street dog. Begin Slayaway Camp 8
Invisiblest Man Blessed with the body of a super model but cursed with invisibility, he turns his anger to those visible. Killer Kode: griffin The Invisible Man
Jennifer She's a socio-media expert, and #insanity is trending. Killer Kode: adieutube
Jiangshi Hopping towards victims to steal their qi. Chinese Version and Killer Kode: ghostlier Jiangshi
Jill Frost Her tendency for stone cold slaughter is no joke! Santa's Slay DLC Jack Frost
JimSAW He loves homiciding digitally so much, not even the DMCA can take him down. Mystery Box YouTuber James Stephanie Sterling
Kevin Just your average, every day nobody. Supernatural Forces DLC We Need to Talk About Kevin, Cabin in the Woods
Killer Fridge She'll put victims on ice. She's the coolest way to kill. Mystery Box
Krampus He's got a handful of birch sticks and an underworld-sack with your name on it. Santa's Slay DLC Krampus
Major Miner Ready to dig a pickaxe deep into some over-dramatic broken hearts. Begin My Gory Valentine Harry Warden
Man Faced Monkey EEEEE EEE EEEEEEEE E EEEEEEEEE Killer Kode: mfm4eva
Mark Meer Voice actor, sketch comedian, Cthulhu summoning cultist. Killer Kode: gnollnumbertwo Mark Meer, video game voice actor
Martian There's only one thing scientists know for sure: It didn't come in peace. Mystery Box Mars Attacks!
Mary She'll reconstruct your face and perform surgery on YOUR TERROR! Begin Slayaway Camp 6 Mary Mason from American Mary
Maskless Skullface Ew! Gross! Don't look at him! He's really gross! Begin Slayaway Camp 2 Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th
Mimic Contains the ultimate treasure: the crushed skulls of its victims. Killer Kode: cup-of-wishes Mimic from Dungeons & Dragons
Mr. Boogie This Babylonian God of Darkness travels between worlds to complete his collection of souls. Gotta kill 'em all! Mystery Box Bughuul from Sinister
Mr. Tophat Jones He's prepared to unleash the luck o' the Irish. The *BAD* luck. Killer Kode: smiggles Tophat Jones from Rick and Morty
Mutant Candy Cane Don't let his minty fresh breath lull you into complacency! Killer Kode: freshmaker
Mutant Born from a freak accident involving some purple stuff found at the back of Mrs. B's fridge. Mystery Box
Nailface There is no good. There is no evil. There is only flesh. Mystery Box Pinhead from Hellraiser
President Skullface Wanna see a *really* scary presidential candidate? Killer Kode: campgate2016 Donald Trump
Programmer Overdosed on espresso & illuminated by the glow of his monitor, he experienced one too many Git merge errors and... just.... snapped. Mystery Box
Pumpkinface Witchcraft resurrected and malformed his grotesque mountain-buried corpse. Mystery Box Pumpkinhead
Really Spooky Ghost The most horrifying spectre of the purest terrifying death. Mystery Box
Red Killer Fridge I bet you're wondering why she's red. It's so you can't see her drenched in blood. Killer Kode: coldblooded
Rupert S. Pumpkins His name is Rupert S. Pumpkins. \nAny questions? Mystery Box David S. Pumpkins
Santa Skullface Ho ho hold your horses because there's a sack full of DEATH comin down your chimney. Begin Santa's Slay
Screwloose Lifeguard All life saving and no play make Pam a dull girl. Mystery Box Baywatch
Sharkman Combining the DNA of a shark and a man was a mistake they'll forever regret. Begin Slayaway Camp 5 Paul King/ Hammerhead from Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy
Skeleton Blood stained bones reanimated from the purest of evils. Killer Kode: comewithme
Skullface 9000 Sent from the far distant future to eliminate camp counsellors in the not so distant future. Begin Slayaway Camp X Jason Voorhees from Jason X
Skullface What horrors hide behind the mask? What terror is unleashed with his arrival? Begin Slayaway Camp Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th
Skullface's Mom Nobody better hurt her sweet little boy. Begin Slayaway Camp 2.5 Pamela Voorhees from Friday the 13th
SpiritFace He'll take a knife and slit 'em from groin to sternum. Killer Kode: dont-hang-up Ghostface from Scream
Sports Enthusiast He just really likes hockey. So much, he'd KILL for it! Mystery Box Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th
Sumerian Demon Your run of the mill, average, every-day hellspawn sumerian demon. Supernatural Forces DLC Deadite from Evil Dead
Supernatural Occurence Typically only visible in handy cam night vision, this supernatural spirit is the epitome of shadowy darkness. Supernatural Forces DLC Paranormal Activity
Swamp Something A creature from a relatively dark shade of gray coloured lagoon. Mystery Box Swamp Thing
Sweetsman Wait... Why are there bees in his mouth? Mystery Box Candyman
TapeHead Be Kind, Rewind. Or Die. Killer Kode: slashback
Tentacle From the depths of space, a true tentacled terror ready to trample victims. Mystery Box Maniac Mansion / Day of the Tentacle
That A shapeshifting mime from the macroverse. Its truest form something of pure nightmares. Killer Kode: theyfloat It / Pennywise the Clown
The Form His mask strikes terror into the hearts of Star Trek fans. Mystery Box Michael Myers from Halloween
The Plague Doctor After emerging from the darkest of dungeons she possessed a hatred for anything happy. Killer Kode: badu Plague Doctor from Darkest Dungeon
Trash Can His sour attitude is outmatched only by his tendency to kill everything. Mystery Box
Trojan Skullface There is nothing permanent except the death of a camper. Killer Kode: forhades
Urban Skullface Poorly received 'urban' Skullface revamp from the shelved Slayaway Camp XII: Skullz in Da Hood. Steam Only DLC
Wolf Teen He. Is. An. Animal. Arooooooo! Killer Kode: butthead Teen Wolf
Worst Santa Even more bad than the baddest Santa. He's the Worst Santa. Santa's Slay DLC Bad Santa
Wraith Tired of waiting for people's time to die, this wraith has taken the cause into its own hands. Supernatural Forces DLC
Yeti A mountain snow beast come down from the icy slopes to smash some heads in. Supernatural Forces DLC Yeti
Zombie Guitar Guy Friendship was not the answer. Friendship was not the key... Mystery Box The Guitar Guy from the Final Scene of Slayaway Camp 2: Return To Slayaway Camp
Zombie Fully decomposed and ready to eat.... YOUR BRAINS. Mystery Box


This image gallery shows some of the killers, but does not include all of them.