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Killer Kodes are codes that can be input through the options menu to unlock special killers. Codes are given out through the Slayaway Camp neswletter, which you can sign up for on the official site.

List of codes[]

If you own the complete edition of Slayaway Camp, some of these killers will be unlocked by default.

Killer Code
President Skullface campgate2016
Mutant Candy Cane freshmaker
Gelantinous Cube gygax
Plague Doctor badu
Mr. Tophat Jones smiggles
Batprince nananananananana
Feaster Bunny beaster
Demi Lich lichee
Invisblest Man griffin
Mark Meer gnollnumbertwo
Trojan Skullface forhades
Skeleton comewithme
That theyfloat
Tapehead slashback
Jennifer adieutube
Demogorgon awristrocket
Frankie scooper
Spiritface dont-hang-up
Groundhog gotyoubabe
Wolfteen butthead
Angry Molesting Tree woodguardian
Mimic cup-of-wishes
Square Witch soafraid
Man Faced Monkey mfm4eva
Cannibal Hactor bowels-out
Exterminator illreturn
Merman blowholepower
Cube Head postlakeview
Karrie gonnalaughatu
Red Killer Fridge coldblooded
Jiangshi ghostlier
Evil Kung Fu Panda ska-doosh
Hellcultists ruralabernathy
Satchel Face big-bear
Uncle Sam shiningsee
Mutant Hillbilly thefireworks