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Gorepacks are additional kills that can be purchased in the shop for Skullcoin.png Skull Coins. These kills will randomly trigger when killing victims.

List of gorepacks[]

This list does not include signature kills.

Name Description
Axed How many victims could a victim chopper chop if a victim chopper could chop victims?
Ball'd Faced Lier Some killers might think that the cannon is an archaic weapon... And, well, they're right. But WHO CARES! It's fun!
Broken Hearted Break your victim's heart!
Busted Many of the locals were devastated to hear about this accident, as this was their most favourite bus and they couldn't bear to see it hurt.
C-Flat Face Some people just don't appreciate your art. But that's okay - just bludgeon those people to death with a saxophone!
Charbroiled Burn it all.
Chippin' Dale Dale was a remarkably mediocre counsellour who misplaced children often.
Cinco de Slayo I wonder what victims are made of... I bet it's candy!
Cleaved Meat cleavers cleave meat. Victims have meat. Therefore...
Demonized Summon a terrifying demon from another dimension!
Disbanded This bandsaw was in desperate need of repairs and dismembered several students in horrible accidents every year.
Disfigure Skater Like a regular figure skater, only mangled beyond all recognition!
Double Blind Practice your archery on a victim's face... Twice!
Eff The Bonus! Utilize the explosive powers of a grenade in this ultra special mind blowing gore pack!
Eviscerated A knife through the back of the head is a good way to kill someone. If you're into that sort of thing.
FEELING DOWN No one knows why the construction crew dug giant pits all over the campground, but they did.
Face Stapled Have you ever wanted to staple someone in the face? Well, now you can!
Farewell to Arms Getting hit in the face is one thing. Getting hit in the face with your own arms is quite another.
Headless One head is better than none!
Hollowed Victims enjoy carving pumpkins! Killers enjoy carving victims.
Jowled This shark's got some mighty fine jowls!
Juiced! Throw your victims into the blender! Nutritious and delicious!
Knifed A virtuous knife is a knife that stabs well.
Knockout The best offense is a good defense. (Decapitation helps, too.)
Let it Snow You would not believe how hard it is to get entrails out of the inside of a jammed snowblower.
Not The Bees! One bumblebee is kind of cute. A whole bunch are still kind of cute but they also might kill you.
Origami'd Who needs paper when you have the bloody corpse of a victim?
Ouchies Nothing hurts quite like a machete to the face.
Out of Order The office printer was believed to be haunted by employees who claimed that it printed demonic symbols all over their memos.
Party's Over Are those darned victims being too noisy again? Try a lawnmower to the face.
Perforated No one knows why the construction crew installed giant spikes at the bottom of their pits, but they did.
Pincushion! Make your own living pincushion!
Pruned There's always time for a little gardening.
Puffed Up A leaf blower is a creative killing contraption.
Sawed Sawn up like a tree. A meaty tree.
Silenced Fun fact! Victims had gathered the broken guitar pieces and, in an unholy ritual, used them to resurrect their counsellor pal from the dead.
Spaaaced The spaceship's designer was considered by many to be a madman, as he often built doors and windows to nowhere.
Spronged Pitchforks have all sorts of uses!
Street Sweeper It's time to clean up the streets! Literally! And also very slowly.
TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEARTS </3 </3 </3 </3 </3
Unamused The giant spikes installed on the front of the coaster cars were later regarded by staff as an all-around bad idea.
Unsupported In actuality, the life support machine didn't do anything. However, the victim had an unreasonable fear of the dark and died from shock anyways.


The following gallery contains stills of some, but not all of the gorepacks.